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Hinsdale Realtor and Luxury Real Estate

Hinsdale real estate

Million dollar home listings in Hinsdale

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Hinsdale luxury homes

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The Hinsdale realtor team of Sarah and Ryan Miller say “you can expect to find in Hinsdale teardowns which makeup about 30 percent of high-end residential properties positioned next to a fabulous historic, preserved home.” Teardowns introduce new custom built houses, their modern day design elements, and functionality to the historic, tree-lined neighborhoods throughout the village. The remaining luxury real estate in the Hinsdale is a variety of fashionable and noted house styles of Queen Anne, French Provincial, Hampton Nantucket, Tudor, and traditional American architectural home styles.”

The luxury homes of Hinsdale, IL – a small yet affluent community 20 miles west of Chicago – are some of the most exquisite, meticulously maintained properties located in the suburbs of Chicago. That alone draws an abundance of interest from homebuyers who want to settle down in comfort and sellers who understand this area’s million-dollar home market is ultra hot. But the high-style architecture and lavish landscaping aren’t the only attractions in this railroad suburb; Hinsdale’s top-rated school districts are also major tipping points for luxury homebuyers.

From early learning through secondary education, the schools of Hinsdale have been recognized among the best institutions in the state and across the nation. The U.S. News & World Report honored Hinsdale Central High School with a #7 ranking in the entire state of Illinois. The village of Hinsdale also had 4 of the top 10 listings in Chicago Magazine’s Best Elementary Schools in DuPage County. If you’re looking for a Chicago suburb that is committed to excellence in education, you won’t find a better place for your family than the village of Hinsdale.

What types of luxury homes can you expect to find in Hinsdale? Teardowns makeup about 30 percent of high-end residential properties, which introduce modern design and function to the gorgeous, often historic, tree-lined neighborhoods. The remaining luxury real estate is beautiful collage of Nantucket, Tudor, Queen Anne, French Provincial, and traditional American architectural styles.

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Hinsdale real estate listings

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Chicagoland's top luxury realtors

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Looking to buy or sell real estate in Hinsdale in 2014? Now is the right time to contact Miller + Miller.

Miller + Miller Real Estate is passionate about high-end real estate in Hinsdale and the surrounding communities in Cook and DuPage County. With decades of combined experience in residential and architectural industries, Sarah and Ryan Miller handle the entire process with the enthusiasm, integrity, and discretion demanded of million-dollar and high profile real estate transactions.  Browse home listings and start your new home search in Hinsdale by clicking the image linked below. Contact Miller + Miller today to schedule an appointment to discuss buying or selling a property.

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Luxury Real Estate in Clarendon Hills

luxury home realtor Chicago western suburbs

Clarendon Hills luxury real estate

exclusive residential properties Clarendon Hills

Exclusive residential properties and exceptional lifestyles in one sweetheart of a village.  Clarendon Hills.

Clarendon Hills, Illinois, like many of its neighboring western suburbs, is a town that settled around the Burlington Northern Railroad. It is not a coincidence that a large percentage of luxury real estate in Clarendon Hills is still a short distance from the Metra train station, providing a priceless convenience to those who work in the city and play in the suburbs. In fact, easy transportation access is just one advantage of owning a high-end residential property in the village of Clarendon Hills; one-of-a-kind boutiques, iconic restaurants, and established businesses also draw people to this beloved Midwestern community.


cedar shake shingles houses

“Clarendon Hills is a village with a long and rich history, particularly when it comes to progressive architecture. Clarendon Hills became home to some of the best innovations in architecture, due in large part to the pioneering work of R. Harold Zook and the Sears Corporation. The homes and buildings constructed by Zook – along with ready-made homes from the Sears Corporation – appeared on the architectural landscape of the village with a lot of fanfare and examples of both remain to this day” Source:


vaulted white plank ceiling contrasting dark beams

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Clarendon Hills IL

master second 2nd floor deck terrace

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Clarendon Hills realtor

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luxury real estate clarendon hills

As a luxury home realtor in Chicago’s western suburbs, Miller + Miller Real Estate calls this area home and is always eager to acquaint longtime Chicago residents and out-of-towners with the advantages of luxury real estate in Clarendon Hills. Not only is there the appeal of a near-everything location, but the variety of architecture available in this market also attracts those who desire a look less ordinary. From American 4-square to traditional farmhouse or a gorgeous mid-century model updated for the modern day, Clarendon Hills luxury properties are making a statement that for those that demand different, difference is all around.

From the original curved streets – designed in the mid 1800s by famed landscape architect and city planner, Frederick Law Olmsted – to the burgeoning downtown district that today is alive with commerce and community, Clarendon Hills makes it possible to satisfy a zest for the finer side of living.

Buy or sell a Clarendon Hills property and hire the knowledgeable luxury home realtor team of Miller + Miller.

Miller + Miller Real Estate is the husband and wife team of Sarah and Ryan Miller who collaborate with homeowners, investors, or custom home builders strategizing the sale or purchase of a home and property.  Specializing in showcasing unique homes and residential real estate transactions in the Chicago western suburbs from $750K and up, this realtor broker company is positioned to move properties with full-scale marketing, photography, and powerful negotiations.

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Hinsdale Luxury Real Estate: A Look at What’s Happening in 2014

From bidding wars and increasing home values to adjustments in mortgage rates, real estate nationwide has changed throughout the year of 2013. Chicago Magazine and Dennis Rodkin’s article called “How to Win a Bidding War on Chicago Real Estate” recalls the amount of “bidding wars of houses, which were rampant mid-last year may come back this spring” of 2014. Being we are entering into the start of the new year of 2014, let’s take a look at what could be coming ahead. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the nationwide housing market is running at 85 percent of its normal activity. But what does this add up to for Hinsdale luxury real estate listings in the New Year?

The Allure of Hinsdale Exclusive Real Estate Properties

It’s no secret that Hinsdale’s exclusive real estate properties are a cornerstone of the affluent community nestled about 30 minutes outside of Chicago. What may be a lesser-known fact is that historically for 2013, the median sold property price for Hinsdale listings and luxury homes has risen steadily – by nearly $100,000 from the start of the year. Statistical comparison data provided by MRED. Hinsdale’s home buying and selling popularity we predict will continue for 2014 and Hinsdale will likely continue to be a Chicagoland hot spot for real estate.

real estate Hinsdale Illinois

Miller + Miller Real Estate are real estate brokers and realtors specializing in the sale of luxury homes & properties, custom built homes, mansions, Victorian’s, and other fine properties. Contact us for more about Hinsdale real estate, current homes for sale, area market statistics, or information about selecting Miller + Miller to list your Hinsdale home.

As a Hinsdale Realtor team, in 2014 we will be working closely with Hinsdale homeowners and luxury real estate developers to analyze the median listing and sold prices on exclusive properties. If history has anything to say about it, it looks like we could be in for a promising future.

Send an email to Ryan and Sarah Miller of Miller + Miller Real Estate to discuss properties & homes currently for sale and local market information.  Miller + Miller is your specialist for luxury homes in-and-around Hinsdale Illinois.

Click to Begin a Hinsdale Homes Search on our Properties Page

Published Date: 2-20-14

National Association of Home Builders 12/15/13 News
Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED)
Chicago Magazine “How to Prepare Yourself for the Possibility of Bidding Wars This Spring”

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